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Hi all. I found my password and got in. In my world that calls for celebration. Looking for comments about why it is so hard for me to make time for my art. Okay, yes - I have a FT job and then there are loved ones who are ill and yeah, I have a home by myself so who is going to shovel the snow....still....I have no children and not even a pet to care for. Dude. I am thinking that I should not try another Cherrywood fabrics challenge because I don't make enough time to make it good enough to possibly win - so enough already! I have a friend who is coaching me (encouraging me) and even loaning her studio table on many Sundays. That's the only time I work on it because there are so many other things I should be doing. EEEK!

Anyway - inspiration - words of wisdom? Part fear of failure + believing that duty trumps pleasure? Weird. There you have it. That's been me for a long time.

Signed, could it possibly change when I retire? I have a hunch you are who you are so something other than 35-40 hours a week less obligation = change.

OK. Going to make room on my table to work on the challenge. Dude

Vicki Ehlers


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