Join date: Nov 5, 2020


I heard about MCQ through an invitation to the Denise Schmidt lecture in 2017.

What a magical evening! I was hooked and joined MCQ immediately.

Each month I eagerly awaited the Monday night meeting where I met new friends who generously shared their inspirations and knowledge.

Only having a few quilts under my belt, I started a new one to commemorate a friend who shared in my other passion: Mycology (the study of mushrooms). It is no surprise that many of my recent quilts include a mushroom theme or mushroom fabric.

Denise Schmidt Big Tree Pattern made with Mushroom Themed Fabrics

Each year I create a new raffle quilt to fund a scholarship that enables a member of the MN Mycological Society (MMS) to travel and learn more about mushrooms in memory of my friend.

Mushrooms from pattern by Laura Heine (pinned and ready for quilting

Through MCQ, I have enjoyed learning more about exhibiting quilts through the yearly challenges.

"MycoCosm"- exhibited at the 2019 Textile Center Members show


kathy Yerich

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