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been a quilter for a very very long time. i dont even remember what year I really started lolol maybe in my teens lolol i have had times i spent more timw having babies and raising 6 kids. one with cerebral palsy. now 18. i have still 5 kids at home 2 german shepherds now and way too many cats ! lolol i have a art degree from college ( 97) . i had a addiction to fabric lolol and quilting gadgets ! who doesnt ? and vintage sewing machines. also too many. i have had years that i have slowed down alot and have not sewed much at all . and diring that time i got back majorly into legolol . i also have a huge adult lego room on back end of my quilting studio which is a very big basement area and basicly the quilting side i have not been able to quilt in at all for the last year because of a bathroom flooding. and the flooring and some wall patches still have to be finished. and is not a easy task during winter and after a few injurys and marriage issues holding things up. i do all of lego recently and trying to get my quilt room back and wanting to try to get back into it. i like hard piecing and challenges finishing projects is my downfall. lolol i can make dyed fabric too and its been a while since i have done that too. . i need to have some fun again and try some quilting before i end up giving up on it completely and make my quilting room all lego even more lolol lolol . so this is my attempt to try not to quit. and hope i can finish my room and finish projects and start new ones id like to do . i live in stewartville mn near rochester. so im a little farther im guessing then some others. but i go to Minneapolis often . hope to meet some of u in future .

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